Tired of your mineral feeder getting knocked over? We have a solution!

We are known for our Double D Cattle Mats, but at Double D we are constantly working to provide solutions for our friends, family and neighbors in the cattle industry. We are also dedicated to finding creative ways to eliminate tire waste at our facility, striving each day to utilize every piece of rubber that enters our facility. To that end we have developed a covered Double D Mineral Feeder that is made from used truck tires that we collect in northwest Kansas. We remove the sidewalls and affix the tires to a solid rubber base. Then we add a flexible rubber cover to protect the mineral from weather. The feeder can hold 150 pounds of mineral and is virtually indestructible.

We dare your cattle to knock this thing over! We placed a few around our herd of cattle and they had absolutely no problem getting to the contents underneath the lid. In fact, 3 or 4 cattle were able to access the contents at one time.

Whether you currently use an old tire or have a plastic tub with a rubber lid already our tub has the best of both worlds: a rubber base and a flexible rubber lid to keep bulls, frisky cattle and the weather from destroying your valuable mineral for the entire grazing season.

Contact us today to order yours before this grazing season is over.