Recap from The Cattleman’s Workshop

Yesterday we had the privilege of listening to two great speakers during The Cattleman’s Workshop at Dodge City Community College: Dr. Temple GrandinProfessor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, and Dr. Christopher Reinhardt, Associate Professor/Feedlot Extension Specialist at Kansas State University. They talked about humane cattle handling techniques and things to look out for during the summer, like heat stress in cattle. Dr. Grandin also promoted her books, which would make great reads for any cattleman, cattlewoman or family with an autistic child.

DD Mats with Temple Grandin

DD Mats creator, Dale Goetz, with Amber Goetz and Temple Grandin

One of the doctors’ main points was that cattle need a non-slip surface when walking in alleys, chutes and walkways. Cattle will become agitated and excited if they lose their footing on slick floors. Our Double D Cattle Mats are an excellent solution to this problem. Dr. Grandin’s website offers additional ideas, as well.

If you are in need of eliminating slick surfaces in your facility we would be happy to provide a quote and/or help you determine what sizes and types of mats will best fit your needs. Any of our mats can be custom-built to fit uniquely shaped areas such as scales, double alleys or Silencer Turret Gate systems. We visit facilities to measure in-person, if requested. If you’d like to take your own measurements read our Handy Measurement Guide. You can also call us at 1-888-377-2879 to order one of our standard sized mats.

No matter what solution you choose to eliminate slick surfaces in your facility, we hope that the information we provide on our website and blog is helpful and informative for anyone in the livestock industry. And, if you haven’t done it already, we highly recommend attending one of Dr. Grandin’s presentations.

As a family-run company devoted to the health and safety of livestock we are committed to the care and wellbeing of our own animals as well as those of our customers.