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Double D Cattle Mats®

Weather-resistant, Cattle Mats can be used inside or outside to provide sure footing and a quiet, firm, but resilient surface for livestock. Each tire tread woven into the mat is secured on both ends and fastened with stainless steel bolts in two places.


Baler Belt Mats

Scales are noisy and can become slick. Cover yours with a lighter weight Baler Belt Double D Mat. The unique, weaved pattern of the Baler Belt Double D Mat gives livestock better traction to prevent slipping.

Solid rubber floor mat

Solid Rubber Mats

Solid Rubber Double D Mats provide good footing and relieve stress on feet in working areas to help make the job faster, easier and safer.


Carriage Bolt Mats

Our Carriage Bolt Double D Mat was created to meet a need in hog farms. Baler belts are woven and bolted together with carriage bolts to protect small livestock from the larger stainless steel bolts.

Double D Mat Hook

Double D Mat Hook

Use the Double D Mat Hook to move your mat for cleaning. Simply place the hook under the tire treads in your mat and lift up. At 3-feet long, the Double D Mat Hook is made from a 3/8-inch steel rod with a handle on one end and a hook on the other.

Double D Sled 'n Sling

Sled ‘n Sling

Move a downed cow by rolling the animal onto the rubber sling, and either pull the sling out of the sale ring as a sled or lift it up as a sling using a skid-steer loader. Click here for more information.

Tractor Tire Feed Bunk

Tractor Tire Feed Bunks

The bunks are made from used tractor tires with one sidewall removed. They can hold a couple hundred pounds of ration and are easy for the cattle to reach into.

Mineral Feeder

Mineral Feeders

Our bull-proof mineral feeders are made from used truck tires collected in northwest Kansas. The sidewalls have been removed from the tires and a solid rubber mat has been placed underneath to hold the mineral. They can hold 150 pounds of mineral and are virtually indestructible.

FREE Silo Tire Covers

Lighter weight and easier to maneuver than whole tires, but heavy enough to keep your fresh silage shielded from the elements, tire sidewalls make great silo covers. We must get rid of them, so we are giving them away. All they’ll cost you is the freight for delivery within a 150-mile radius of Park, KS.