Order a Livestock Slip Reduction System
Made from These DD Mats:


Non-slip Mats™/Cattle Mats™

Weather-resistant, Non-slip Double D Mat (also known as Cattle Mat) can be used inside or outside to provide sure footing and a quiet, firm, but resilient surface for livestock. Each tire tread woven into the mat is secured on both ends and fastened with stainless steel bolts in two places.


Baler Belt Mats™

Scales are noisy and can become slick. Cover yours with a lighter weight Baler Belt Double D Mat. The unique, weaved pattern of the Baler Belt Double D Mat gives livestock better traction to prevent slipping.

Solid rubber floor mat

Solid Rubber Mats™

Solid Rubber Double D Mats provide good footing and relieve stress on feet in working areas to help make the job faster, easier and safer.


Carriage Bolt Mats™

Our Carriage Bolt Double D Mat was created to meet a need in hog farms. Baler belts are woven and bolted together with carriage bolts to protect small livestock from the larger stainless steel bolts.

Double D Mat Hook

Double D Mat Hook

Use the Double D Mat Hook to move your mat for cleaning. Simply place the hook under the tire treads in your mat and lift up. At 3-feet long, the Double D Mat Hook is made from a 3/8-inch steel rod with a handle on one end and a hook on the other.