Non-Slip Double D Mats™/Cattle Mats™

Livestock can slip and slide on slick concrete and other unforgiving surfaces, but if you throw down a heavy-duty rubber mat from Double D Family Mat Shop you’ll reduce falls by nearly one hundred percent.


Non-Slip Double D Mats (also known as Cattle Mat) are made by weaving together discarded tire treads that are then fastened with stainless steel bolts, making them virtually indestructible. They’re hefty, too, so they don’t move often in heavily traveled areas.

Non-Slip Double D Mats/Cattle Mats are great for alleyways, sale barns, vet clinics, packing plants, trailers and anywhere livestock encounter slick surfaces. The traction and soft surface are especially beneficial around the chute. For the price of one broken calf or even less you can protect all cattle as they jump out of the chute.

Cattle-Mat Inside Squeeze Chute

Inside the squeeze chute

Cattle-Mat Outside the Squeeze Chute

Squeeze Chute exit

Dr. Temple Grandin suggests using non-slip mats made from woven tire treads to reduce the chance of hoof damage ( Grooved concrete can tear at the hooves whereas the woven pattern of a Non-Slip Double D Mat provides a soft, firm surface no matter how dirty the mats get. When it comes time to clean it move the mat with a crowbar, knock off the debris and rinse with a hose before laying it out dry.

Third generation feedlot owner/operator and farmer, Dale Goetz, invented the first Cattle Mat in 1995. “We have a feedlot of our own and wanted a product that would provide stability and comfort for cattle in our processing area, as well as reduce the number of losses due to cattle slipping,” said Dale.

Learn more about our Non-Slip Double D Mats/Cattle Mats here. We have standard sizes and can custom build a Livestock Slip Reduction System for any area. Contact us today at 1-888-377-2879 or email us at to start your order.