Tractor Tire Feed Bunks for Sale

  Have you heard about our tractor tire feed bunks? They are made from used tractor tires with one sidewall removed to provide easier access to the contents. They can hold a couple hundred pounds of ration and are easy … Continue reading

Introducing the Double D Sled ‘n Sling

We have an exciting new product to offer cattlemen! Livestock market owners and operators will find it especially helpful. It is our Double D Sled ‘n Sling. A cattle carrying assembly designed specifically for removing a downed cow from a … Continue reading

May is Beef Month in Kansas

We’re proud to be Kansas farmers and are celebrating Beef Month with our fellow Kansans this month. Check out these facts about the beef industry in our state. Thanks to the Kansas Beef Council for sharing. With more than 5.5 million … Continue reading

Bull-Proof Mineral Feeders

Double D Family Mat Shop has created a new heavy-duty mineral feeder that is bull-proof. The mineral feeders are made from used truck tires collected in northwest Kansas. The sidewalls have been removed from the tires and a solid rubber … Continue reading

Meet Christin

Meet the person behind Double D Family Mat Shop’s website, social media and marketing efforts. My name is Christin, and I work remotely with my parents (Dale & Dena) and sister, Amber, to manage and promote Double D Mats while … Continue reading

Recap from The Cattleman’s Workshop

Yesterday we had the privilege of listening to two great speakers during The Cattleman’s Workshop at Dodge City Community College: Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, and Dr. Christopher Reinhardt, Associate Professor/Feedlot Extension Specialist at Kansas State University. … Continue reading

Need to Get Rid of Old Tires?

If you’re a business in Kansas looking to get rid of used tires, listen up! We are creating a route in northwest Kansas to collect tires from businesses that are mandated by the state to keep their tires at a … Continue reading