Meet Christin

Meet the person behind Double D Family Mat Shop’s website, social media and marketing efforts.


Car selfie! (I wasn’t driving)

My name is Christin, and I work remotely with my parents (Dale & Dena) and sister, Amber, to manage and promote Double D Mats while also freelance writing and pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing at Antioch University Los Angeles.

After high school I moved away from the family farm and business to attend college. Then I worked for a couple of advertising agencies as an account manager. In 2012 I decided to pursue my master’s degree and use my marketing and advertising experience to promote Double D Mats.

The best part of working for the family business is that I feel like my life has come full circle. I grew up on our family farm and helped mail brochures and make small mats when I was younger. I left the farm for college thinking I’d move on to bigger things. After twelve years here I am helping manage and promote the business. Working with Double D affords me the opportunity to speak with cattlemen/women, dairy farmers, ranchers, meat packers, hog farmers, and other rural populations as their way of life and their businesses evolve.

My primary responsibilities at Double D are marketing and sales. I plan, develop and execute our marketing and sales plans while also measuring their success to determine what is truly helping our business flourish. I also help find and implement new systems to help our company grow and our employees and partners to become more efficient.

I find this job rewarding because I get to spend every day working on projects and talking with customers who are important to the livelihood of my family and the legacy that generations before us have left behind in the cattle and farming industries.

Working with my family every day and talking to people who care for their animals and who believe in the farmer’s way of life makes me happy in my job.

You can read my published writing by following the links below:

Don’t hesitate to contact me through out contact page or the press page if you’d like to learn more about our business!