Keeping Cattle Cool in the Heat of the Summer

According to the USDA Agriculture Research Service we are forecast to have emergency levels of heat stress in our Kansas feedlot today and tomorrow. We’ll be watching our cattle for signs of heat stress and taking precautions to avoid it, such as having sprinklers running in the pens through the heat of the day and monitoring the water system very closely. Beef Producer published a good article earlier this month about how to avoid heat stress in your cattle. It stresses that humidity plays a key role and it encourages feeders to provide shade and plenty of water on high stress days. Feeders should also manage forage content and activity levels accordingly. If individual cattle are showing severe signs of heat stress consider hosing them down with water.

As a family-run company devoted to the health and safety of livestock we are committed to the care and wellbeing of our own animals as well as those of our customers.