Happy Birthday to Tyson

We celebrated two birthdays in March! The first of which was Tyson, our plant manager’s.

Tyson’s job is to oversee the shop and make sure every order gets filled promptly. As manager, he also runs workflow in the shop and makes sure that the quality of mats we send out are top notch.


“Tyson is doing an awesome job keeping shop production up-to-speed and the shop well-maintained. We really appreciate all the work he is doing. It’s nice to have a responsible guy running the shop that I can trust 100%,” said Dale.

When asked what he likes best about working for a local family business, Tyson said, “Well, that’s just it. It is like a family. [Double D Family Mat Shop] is a very comfortable, fun, family-type atmosphere. It’s a fun and easy going place to work, yet we take care of business and keep our customers happy.”

Tyson said he also likes knowing that the work he does every day saves lives. He feels good about saving livestock, cattle especially, from the pain of broken legs and the stress of slick, loud surfaces.

Take a look at some of the quality mats Tyson has made on our Products page.