Happy Birthday to Tom!

Tom has been with the Mat Shop for nine months and has made quite an impression during that time. He’s a go-getter with a zest for life who reminds us all to enjoy every day.

Tom’s primary responsibility is transforming the thousands of used tires we collect into usable strips for mats. It’s a job that requires patience and precision as the treads must be cut very straight. Tom is the perfect person for the job.

“He is very dedicated and determined,” said Dena, “He’s dependable. When something needs to be done you can count on him.”

Tom said he likes taking a raw material and recycling it to help the environment. This and playing a role in helping cattlemen keep their cattle safe makes him feel good about working at Double D Family Mat Shop.

“I also enjoy working for a local family business. It feels like I’m part of a tight-knit family,” he said, “It’s great to work for people who care about you, and the coworkers are great. I just couldn’t ask for a better place to work and that makes me happy.”

We’re happy to have you as part of our DD Mats family, Tom. Happy Birthday!