Happy Birthday to Dena

We celebrated another birthday this week! Dena’s birthday was on December 3rd. Happy Birthday, Dena.

Dena has been with the mat shop since it was just an idea. As the wife of our owner, Dale, she has been instrumental in the company’s success (and that’s an understatement!). She has managed everything from establishing the ordering and invoicing systems to making sure the office is a friendly environment for all those who stop by for a cup of coffee or bag of popcorn.

Lately, her responsibilities include taking mat orders, getting orders to the help, shipping orders out, billing, making phone calls, and managing employees.

“In recent years Dena has taken over a lot of the management of the office and shop. Not only does she keep things well organized and running smoothly, but she also has worked out a good rapport between employees and management. Through her hard work and dedication to our employees she has found ways to reward them and keep everyone happy. We wouldn’t be this far without her,” said Dale.

Dena loves this part of her job. She said she’s most happy when, “I see employees satisfied, happy and joking around with each other. Our employees are happy here, and if they’re happy they put out good products.” She’s proud of the culture she’s created at Double D Family Mat Shop.

On a personal level, she finds fulfillment in what her family business provides and said, “I know what injuries can do to livestock. Sometimes they lead to a very cruel death. So, if we can protect the livestock from getting hurt that’s the most valuable thing.”

She also enjoys managing a family business from the farm, “We don’t have to leave home. Everything is right here. The kids have grown up around it and are here now. It’s very rewarding to see what we’ve built over the years.”

If you’re interested in applying for work at Double D Family Mat Shop in Park, Kansas, contact us today.