Happy Birthday, Dale!

Our President & CEO, Dale Goetz, is a third generation feedlot owner and farmer. “I grew up in the livestock business and saw a lot of cattle get hurt,” he said. In 1995 he started making strip anti-fatigue floor mats out of old tire sidewalls. Discarding the tire treads prompted him to find a new use for them, which led to the original Double D Cattle Mat™. Dale celebrated a birthday in January (yes, we’re a little behind on the blog!) and, although, a lot of our press is about him we wanted to show you what it’s like to work for him.

“Dale makes his business feel more like a family atmosphere instead of just a job. Overall, I can’t think of a better guy to work for,” said Tyson Schuster, Shop Supervisor.

Dale’s primary responsibilities vary, but you can usually find him traveling around as key spokesman, salesman and mat deliveryman. He also makes on-site visits to facilities looking to install mats in complicated areas. Cattle men and women all over the Midwest know just how to reach him through the mobile phone that’s always in his front shirt-pocket. He keeps things running in the shop, too, troubleshooting breakdowns when necessary or helping to figure and approach the building of uniquely sized mats.

“I enjoy working for Dale first and foremost because he cares. He strives to make our work environment the best it can be,” said Schuster.

When asked what makes him feel good about his business Dale said, “I’m proud to be creating jobs for people and to be creating non-slip flooring for livestock. It’s nice to be able to provide a system that prevents the cattle from getting hurt.”

Although he loves working with his employees on a day-to-day basis he finds satisfaction when everything is running smoothly without him. “I like being able to trust that my employees can take it upon themselves to make good decisions and do a good job,” he said. “When I see things happening: all the employees are busy, things are running smoothly, mats are going out the door, freight trucks are running, that makes me happy. Dena and I have built this together and now we have a great team assembled to help us grow and serve our customer base.”

His employees appreciate this approach, “Dale takes time to listen to his employees and cares about what they have to say. He values my opinion and respects the day to day decisions I make as supervisor,” said Schuster.

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