Amber, Happy Birthday!

Amber celebrated a birthday on March 15th. If you’ve called into our office in the last year you’ve probably talked to her. As Administrative Assistant Amber’s job is to manage customer orders, assist with shipping completed mats to customers, manage the books and generally keep the office and staff in order. As daughter to owners Dale and Dena she is well-suited to manage the office.


Dale said, “Amber has freed up a lot of my time. She takes most of the phone calls for me and she’s up-to-speed enough that I can trust her to talk with customers, determine how we can best meet their needs, follow through by getting orders to the shop and ship mats out. She’s doing a really great job.”

Amber finds working for her family’s business rewarding. “I like getting to work with my family every day. It’s nice to know that not only am I helping a business, but I’m also helping my parents and being supportive of their accomplishments. On top of that, I get to talk to my sisters every day, so it keeps us all close.”

Amber said she also enjoys helping customers. “It’s hard to see the cattle market as tough as it is right now. So, it’s nice to be able to help our customers save money in the long run with our mats.”

Protect your livestock from slips and falls by contacting Amber today!