The Mats

When you process cattle with mats from Double D Family Mat Shop you provide them with a firm but tough surface. The woven pattern catches and stops hooves from slipping under the lower edges of snakes, pens and gates. The softer and quieter surface has a calming effect that also absorbs noise. And when cattle land on a Double D Cattle Mat® in front of the chute they can get a grip on the surface and trot out easily. Even clean up is stress-free. The mats can either be moved or kept in place while washing down with a hose. The woven pattern allows water to get under the mat.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us today to cover your processing area with cattle mats from Double D Family Mat Shop.

Without Double D Cattle Mats® from Double D Family Mat Shop, cattle are stressed throughout the processing progression beginning with the crowd pen area. Concrete surfaces make the processing area noisy and even rough or grooved concrete becomes slick when coated with manure. New concrete, especially, can wear down hooves, leading to toe abscesses. Then there’s the first leap out of the chute, which is where falls most often occur as cattle scramble wildly trying to gain their footing on the slick, unforgiving surface.

The Family

Dale Goetz, a third generation feedlot owner/operator and farmer, founded Double D Family Mat Shop with his family in 1995 after making strip anti-fatigue floor mats out of recycled tire sidewalls. “We had a feedlot of our own and wanted a product that would provide stability and comfort for cattle in our processing area, as well as reduce the number of losses due to cattle slipping,” Said Dale.

He invented the first Double D Cattle Mat® made from the discarded tire treads to fit this need. Long lasting, tough and durable, our mats can endure anything.

Now, first and foremost, we want to help other livestock producers protect their animals and employees. We created the Double D Cattle Mat to help you do just that. When you call to place an order, you’ll talk to a member of the family who genuinely wants to help you protect your livestock.

In 2018 the business was recognized as a Small Business Exporter of the Year by the Kansas Small Business Development Center.